Livi Robins

It has been said so many times that life is all about the ride and such is the standard for singer/songwriter Livi Robins. Her voyage so far has seen her experience the thrills of being a mother and the buzz of a musical career.

Livi was raised in South East Queensland on a diverse diet of Steve Winwood, Paul Simon and Dolly Parton. Livi says, “From before I knew I could sing, I would imagine what it was like to sing on a big stage. My mum had a Dolly Parton record that I used to love to play. It was always easy for me to sing with a natural twang in my voice. My sister and I would record ourselves singing, but for the most part my singing was behind closed doors even within my own home”. Livi adds, “Occasionally someone would hear me croon and encourage me to sing for them but I ran from it because I was painfully shy”.

As time passed she unearthed her own flavor and taste for music such as the vocal brilliance of Mariah Carey, the blues soul of The Badloves and the stage genius of Madonna. Although her family life didn’t breed music, her parent’s music had a great impact from an early age; eventually discovering David Nail and Miranda Lambert after wading through the teen standard pop and R&B.

Fast forward to 2010 when Livi scores a spot on X-Factor. Providing her with the chance to explore her musical personality while travelling overseas and left her with an overall sense of achievement. This fitted in perfectly with her passion for being around interesting people and her liking to absorb as much as she can. Livi points out, “I feel like I’ve been on a mission to extract my inner self for so long that any information anyone can give me that might be enlightening is a step forward for me personally.”

More musically developed now, the range of influences is still broad but more reflective of the direction she’s headed. Having found her style you can see that Livi is channeling her own brand of “Saddle Pop”.

After a stellar start to 2013 featuring a bunch of cool gigs in Tamworth with her band and winning many new supporters, Livi Robins is proud to present the next part of the ride… the 2013 release of her self-titled EP.